Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello California, it's nice to meet you!

So this week I traveled from my new home in Parker, to Ventura, CA!  My college friends who were interning in CO decided to drive back to Cali, and take me with them!!!!  This seemed perfect to me because it meant I could visit, dun dun DUNNNN; a boy! Haha.

Zyzzx Road!
As I was getting very excited about going to Cali to see a bunch of my friends and meet up with this guy I've been dating, something hit the fan, and it went all over my face!... Oh wait, those were just my tears.

I called my friends in tears telling them I might no longer go with them if, the guy who we've previously named, Heath, didn't want to see me.

I showed up at my moms house late Friday night (I was supposed to be leaving Saturday afternoon) really needing a mommy hug.  We talked about what had happened and how I wanted to cancel the plane ticket I had bought for coming back home.  After some discussion, she thought that I should still go, because who better to be with to get my mind off of boy problems then my friends!  And I'd be doing it in the lovely California, to which I had never been before.  So I put on my big girl pants, and cried some more... but after that I went home, packed and was ready to be on my way to California!

Can you tell we've bonded in mutual weirdness?! 
We traveled through Utah, Arizona, Nevada (stopping off along the strip; SO COOL!) and finally to the LA area where I would be staying with my friend, House.  This was where I met my friend's (House) girlfriend, Lizzie.
Lizzie, House and I!
Let's just say that this girl is my twin soul, so similar in personality and likes - not to mention gorgeous, that if I was either gay, or a boy... I wold steal her and keep her for myself!  MUAHAHAHA!   She is AWESOME!  We clicked to fast, and I have loved spending time with both of them!  :)

Me with my In-N-Out cup!
They took me to In-N-Out for the first time earlier this week, and Oh. My. GOSH!  It was amazing!  I will never be able to have a hamburger or fries again without them paling in comparison! We drove around in House's bug... which he insists is 'magenta and cream' but I still say magenta is a fancy word for pink!  I love this car, even without any A/C or proper seat belts, it's so vintage!  Plus it got us from point A to point B... until the battery decided to crap out.  But we were able to make it back alright, and have been driving a car that now works and has A/C, so I'm a happy Jodi!  We also went to get boba the next day!  I LOVE BOBA!!!
House trying to get the bug to start

So my week has been going GREAT!  and I love California!  One of the best parts is that Heath and I have resolved things, and I will be visiting him next week!!

I'll let you know how things play out! :)

Wishing you love,

<3 always,  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm back!

     Okay, so I realize I haven't blogged in a while, and while I know I don;t have people itching for my blogs, I'd still like to be more consistent.
I did predict that I would not be the greatest at actually blogging on a regular or consistent basis.  I know myself too well to think that I would have.  I'm a very ADD person, so if I get distracted easily, I forget all about things.  Hence the reason I am ALWAYS late!  Anyway, that's a who other issue altogether!

View from 'Daisy's' Window
     So I'm blogging again now because I miss it, and have lots of thoughts and feelings going through my head; and what better way then to write them down?

     So In most recent news, I was able to visit several of my friends from Prin up in Wescliffe, CO!  I had a wonderful time seeing them in some community theater where they SHINED!  I'm very sad that I missed my opportunity to audition, but there is always next year!  Who knows.

The Lady's Not for Burning
I must say though, that with such a small community, the acting pool to choose from was limited, and my friends were the BEST parts about each play.  Which I am not sure how much that can be taken as an insult, but I like to see it as a compliment and a testament to how ultimately WONDERFUL each of them is, and how amazing the acting program at Prin is!

I'm in that audience... somewhere...
     Other then just watching them be in play, we spent a lot of time together in their pseudo apartment.  That was probably the best part of the trip.  It felt so natural and wonderful to be back in a dorm like setting with no parents or adults to have to placate to or worry about a curfew!  We were going out practically every night, and in a small town, is really cool to do.
the beautiful double rainbow that appeared the day I departed
     I love the dynamics of a small town; you can walk practically everywhere, most things are family owned and local, versus chain stores like Wal-Mart, and you become a regular very quickly to the point that everyone knows your name.  Granted I think my friends were tiring of the small hick-ville-ish town in the BFE (butt-fucking-Egypt) I quite enjoyed the serene location, however, I think I would tire of not having a city near by. Which is why I'm SO EXCITED THAT THEY ARE COMING DOWN THIS COMING WEEKEND FOR REN FEST!!!!! GAHHH!!!!  Lol, yes, I typed that in all caps.  You should have seen my face while I was writing all of that, probably a very amusing site to see. :)

     Anyway, I had such a great time getting to see them and catch up.  It was very hard for me to leave.  It also made me realize how excited with anticipation I am at the prospect of having my own place to live.  But again, I'll save that inner monologue for another time.

     Until then, blessed be!

               <3 always, Jodi