Monday, August 5, 2013

Practice Makes Music

     I've always wanted to write a song.  I connect with music on a level that satisfies my soul, just as dance does.  I couldn't live without either one.  Both have gotten me through many hard and emotional times.  When I'm to the brink of exploding with pent up emotion, I go and I listen to a special playlist I have meant for lyrical dancing.  I play that music, and I just go at it.  I just move.  I let the music do what it will to my body and my soul.  I've cried, I've hit things, I've even just sat there, listening, if I was too drained to dance, or done just the opposite and ran around the room until I could let go of my thoughts enough to just let my body feel the music, and dance.  It's a very rewarding and cathartic experience.  I love it more than anything in the world.  So even though I may harbor some tensions, I always end up letting it out when I get to dance.

     I'm able to create choreography.  I've been choreographing since high school, once I got enough dance experience, it came naturally.  Half the time I'll come up with things when I'm just letting go and not trying to create anything.  Unfortunately, that is not how it works with lyric writing.  I've tried a thousand times to put words on paper, and ideas will definitely come.  They come as sure as I'm writing this blog, but never anything I feel that will make a good song.  I always go back to what I wrote later and think "Damn!  This really sucks."  I might save some of the lyrics because I think if I come back to them later, maybe I'll re-word them, or use some of them if they have any message or meaning to them.

     It would probably help if I knew more than several chords on the guitar.... maybe...   It's not just words that I fail at, it's the melody.  even if I can come up with some kind of melody for the lyrics in my head, I can't transpose that melody onto the guitar, therefore the words remain, but the melody is lost because I have no way of writing it down.
One of the idea's I'm playing around with for a tattoo
     Just like dance though, I just need more experience - at writing, and the guitar.  So, I write when I can.  That's why I have this blog.  Hopefully I'll be able to look back someday and notice an improvement over the years in my writing.  And maybe one day I will be able to write and play that song I know is so desperately waiting for me to sing it.

Thanks for reading,

<3 always,