Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm No Heroine

Piggy backing off of my last blog, this week I focus on the female protagonists of the books aforementioned.  
     So last week I was gushing and talking about the men in romance novels/rom-com books.  This week, I'm talking about the women and how like the men, they are fictitious and for the most not do not, and will not always behave like real women.  They are however closer to real women than the men... My guess is that is because the books were written by women who know what they want in men.

     Anyway, one reasons I'm writing about the women is to point out that their stories lack basic human  functions- sweating, farting, peeing, pooping (YES!  All people do it, so get over it!) and in the Bennet sisters case, vomiting. That's one of my complaints about romance novels or most novels in general - most things unpleasant or controversial go avoided, including women having excess body fat, having to wear glasses or braces, having a period, having a health condition or impurity on their body - even something as simple as acne.  All of it gets tossed, and why?  Because it won't sell like a hot sexy model type girl that's played down because she has some body image issues?  WE ALL DO!  And just because the female leads do not think they are anything special, does not cover up the fact that they are basically described as the "perfect American standard of beauty". 

     All those reasons and more are probably why I'm so drawn to the P.C and Kristen Cast novels.  While they still play it safe and the main characters are all beautifully and perfectly made to societies standard of beauty, they at least touch on subjects that make their characters seem more real and relatable in comparison to Stephanie Meyer, or E.L James and even Jane Austen.  Their lack of perfections are what make them intriguing.  But we have been trained by society to think that perfection is never going to the bathroom or sweating, having less then 20/20 vision, having excess body fat or any bodily function or fluid... Ever.

     So this is me calling BS on those romance novels.  And my conclusion is that since they are not real women, obviously, then it stands that the men are just as fictitious   I have only met one guy in my life whom I think lives up to the standards set forth by these books, and I love him to death for that.  And I love his girlfriend just as much.  they are my movie couple and a couple I strive to be like someday when I find whoever gets to deal with my crazy. :)   
This couple I speak of I mentioned in my blogs about Cali - House, and Lizzie.  Love you two! 

     Stay cool, and guys, actual guys, (not the patriarchal society term of guys including girls), if you're reading these please take something away from them about how you treat women or communicate with them.  If you need any help, I'd like to advertise that my friend House will be teaching a gentleman seminar, but I should probably run that by him first.... :P


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