Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brush with Romance

     So I've been reading a lot of books lately, two of which are romance novels (one of my guilty pleasures, and the reason I started to like reading).  So with my recent and annual trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival, I might have had a romanticized hope that I might run into a dashingly handsome guy that would sweep me off my feet and we'd live happily ever after... or in a more realistic hope we'd at least have an awesome make out session :P.

Me in my Ren Garb :)
     While Alisha and I were waiting for the guys to get out of the bathroom I led us into the shop right next to the bathrooms that sells dried flower jewelry that still smells like flowers.  They also sell potpourri bags that smell of either lavender or roses... the roses are my FAVORITE smell!  So I went in there seeking out the potpourri bags to get my rose fix :).
     We went in and Alisha stayed by the entrance waiting and wasn't particularly interested in the dried rose merchandise   I took a HUGE wiff of one of the bags I grabbed and just kept smelling with a huge goofy smile on my face; I probably looked like a mixture of a cat with catnip and a crack addict inhaling my drug of choice.

     It was after about my 3rd or 4th big wiff that I realized I wasn't alone in the shop... Okay, so I knew there were other people in there but neglected to see the cutie hiding behind the glass necklace display until he stood up.
     I stupidly turned around and made eye contact with him.  Not that I didn't want to talk to the handsome brunet rogue, but I knew he would try and sell me something (that's how it always works at ren fest) and sure enough, he did.
     After coming into this shop for as many years as I've been going to ren fest ( a lot of years) I had always seen and been aware of the jewelry, but there was never anything too special about them - especially considering the prices.  I understand why they are so pricey, but it's still a lot of money when you're a poor college student saving for England... on top of receiving a speeding ticket, which is a story for another day.

     Anyway, after a few seconds of not too awkward eye contact, he asked if I was back for more pieces.  I was thankful that he seemed to miss my crack addict moment with the potpourri.  I did however admit that I had no pieces and was only there to smell the store...because that's not awkward...
     "Ahh well we have lots of things for you to smell, and you can start your collection."  He grabbed a tri rose choker off of the glass counter and started to make his way around to put it on me.  Before I could make even an attempt at a protest -  not sure I would have anyway - my feet carried me and I was meeting him half way around the counter.   He asked if I could lift my hair up and then placed the metal choker around my neck, then handed me a mirror to "Admire myself" with.
   We flirted a little and I made a crack about being narcissistic.  While I did have the mirror in my hand I made sure that my hair and make-up was still in tact and hadn't melted off because of the intense heat of the day, while also looking at the choker placed rather gaudily around my neck.  I knew that because of the amount and size of the roses that the choker would probably cost a small fortune, and it did.  What I didn't know was how to say no to this guy, I mean I'm a sucker for salesmen even when they aren't fulfilling some part of a romantic fantasy in the back of my mind and making my heart flutter with the brushes of his hand against my skin as he placed and then took off the gaudy choker.

     So after I handed him back the mirror he got the hint and met me half way to remove the choker, which I was all too happy to have him do.  Not really ready to stop flirting with him or leave the shop just yet I stood there smiling at him which gave him the opportunity to pick up another piece, smaller this time with much more     delicacy and modesty about it.  It was a tiny dried, red, baby rosebud hanging from a thin silky cream colored twisted rope with gold clasp and accents.  As he was searching for that particular one I noted that the pieces he was now looking at were much more me, but I still wasn't sure I would have picked out that particular one for myself.
     Before he reached for this piece, he carefully looked at all the pieces that were hanging from this display; some with black twisted ropes and having different lengths.  He calculated, finding the one 'just for me'- taking into account the length, rope, and color that would accessorize best with, what I would assume was my outfit... I like to think he also thought about what would compliment my hair and skin color, but that would probably be pushing it.  A girl can dream, can't she?

     Once he found the one he wanted me to try in he grabbed it and, again, made his way out from behind the counter put it on me.  I, again, and without thinking, automatically gravitated toward him and what I hoped would be fairly similar to the last time he put a piece on me.
     This time,  he asked me to turn around and as I lifted up my hair, his arms reached around me to put this piece on, his hands once again brushing my neck and giving me butterflies.  He fumbled with the clasp for a bit... it was one of those adjustable size ones, which I'm hoping was maybe just so he could be near me longer, or he could have genuinely been having a fumble moment ( I have the affect on people ;) jk).  It's not like placing necklaces on people had been his job for the whole summer or anything... :P

     Once the necklace was on me and I looked in the mirror he handed me, I fell in love with it.  Partially because some cute guy picked it out 'just for me' (it's nice to think, right?) partially because he had so chivalrously been a gentleman and placed it around my throat (enjoying that part a little too much).  Either way, it suited me perfectly.  It reminded me a little of Belle From Beauty and the Beat and Sailor Jupiter from my favorite tv series growing up, Sailor Moon.  Both of them have something to do with roses, which you might not know if you haven't seen either one.  The reminder of those two childhood favorites also made me very happy, so this small, fragile rosebud placed around my throat was not going to come off.
~The mini rose necklace, the only red around my neck~
     My dad noticed my immediate attachment to this gem the rogue had found for me, and offered to buy it; making it all the more special because on top of all the reasons I had already loved it, it was now a gift from my dad- and therefore precious to me.  So there is beauty and sentimental attachment associated with the new piece I added to my collection of necklaces.
     Two men aided in the purchase of this my new necklace and made me feel like a very attractive princess while doing it (which doesn't happen all that often).  There's something about a boy picking out what he thinks looks or will look good on you and then helping you to put it on... or maybe, in some cases, helps you take it off as well ;) teehee :P
     This does not however apply to things like engagement rings.. it can depending on the girl, but you have to know your girl well enough to know if she wants you to pick it out for her or if she already knows what she wants and will prefer to pick it out herself... yeah, I know I'm dumping a whole lot of guidance to men in this particular blog, so women, just enjoy it :) haha!

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