Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To My Friends...

     Dearest friends and loved ones,
England Abroad 2011
     I have taken you for granted.  Okay, so this seems to be coming out of nowhere, correct?  Well let me give you some context.
     I never really thought that college would end.  Stupid thought, I know, but in reality, I was thinking "I don't need to be sad about saying goodbye because I'll see them soon!"  And for 5 years of college that was the case.  I've always hated saying goodbye. So this May, I graduated having trained myself to not be sad.  Of course I knew this time would be different, but mostly I was hoping that it wouldn't be; and by some magical power I'd be back in a college setting with all of my friends, just hanging out.
     I have very few friends I have stayed in touch with pre-college.  ASC and Prin were where I made the majority of the friends I want to keep for life.  I didn't appreciate the time we had together while we had it.  I secluded myself, especially the last 2 years, I got lazy and stopped reaching out to the amazing community of people and limited myself in who I socialized with.  I do not want to do that again.  So if it's not too late, I'm reaching out to all of you; all the friendships I've made over the past several years, I love you guys! :)

Mustang and me 1994
Green, me, and Mustang 2007

     I came to this realization of taking you for granted over this summer when the happiest memories I had were with my friends.  I now know that I do not care where I end up geographically, as long as I have my friends I know I will be incandescently happy :).  Whether I'm trapped in a tiny town in CO that I've never heard of,  kicking it in the gorgeous LA, or in the very, VERY unbelievably humid CT.  As long as I have people I care about with me I am having the best time of my life.

     This is not to say that I hate living at home, because I don't.  I love my family but at the same time, I cannot wait to live on my own!  I want my own apartment where I can set up things how I want them to be, I want things to be cleaned to my standard, I want to decorate, I want to live in a house where there is minimal clutter!
Me and Rita
    So, this sounds more like I want to live alone, which would be nice, but I'd love to live with friends too.  If college has made me realize anything about the real world, it's pick your roommates wisely.  Just because you are good or even best friends with someone, does not mean your levels of living are conducive to a healthy friendship.  In other words, even the best of friends will want to rip each others throats out if say... one is a night owl and the other an early bird, etc...
Me and Hotaru JV LAX team 2005

Hotaru and I at Ren Fest 2010
Hotaru and I Class of 2007

     I've gotten a little off track. Where was I... Yes, I LOVE MY FRIENDS!  You make life worth living!  I'm mostly bored with life here in CO because I only have a couple of friends here.  Mustang who is featured above.  (We've known each other since we were born).  He's my oldest friend, but has his own life and obligations to attend to.  The other is my BFF, Hotaru (pictured above), and she lives over an hour away.  I have a blast when I get to hang out with her, but that's only so often.  And now that she's getting married I feel that I'll see her even less.  I'm ECSTATIC for her, don't get me wrong, Hotaru, I LOVE YOU, but you'll soon be a 'we' and want to be moving on with your life, being all married and cute.  You'll have a life long friend and you won't need me in the same way that I need you.  This will hopefully change one day, but as of now... well that's a different blog.

The gang from ASC at Ren Fest 2010
The women of Summer Brave 2009

Heath and I overlooking SF 2012

Harlequin Maneuver Cast  2010
     I need to get out there and make new friends in CO so I have more people to hang out with here, instead of wishing I were someplace else; however, I never want to lose touch with the friends I have already made.  I love you all, I really do mean it, even when I don't show it all that well.  We're all busy, and I know that, especially now that a lot of us have graduated and are making lives for ourselves all over the world.  I am one of those people who doesn't need to talk to someone everyday to stay friends.  I'm the kind of girl that when I leave a friend behind I greet them again no matter how many years later the same way we left off our friendship - like nothing has changed.  Love and kindness and happiness are things that we are always sharing with each other, and I believe they have no limits or time restraints.

Theater Women Class of 2012
So this is for all of you, my friends and loved ones.  The next time I see you in person I will treat you like we never left each other, yes I'll want to hear all about your life, but our friendship will not know the strains of time or distance.  And I want a BIG GINORMIC hug, actually, a plethora of hugs throughout our time together. :)  I LOVE HUGS... and massages... you can always get me with massages... Oops, see how distracted I get when thinking about massages.  Back to what I was talking about before hugs and massages... Yes, so the next time we chat through facebook or email, it might be short and sweet, but please know that it carries all the love in my heart.

Wishing all of you love,

Until next time ~ Jodi


  1. Darling, you are wonderful, and I miss you! We only got to know each other this year, but thank you for being the wonderful sunshiny love you always will be <3

    1. AWW! Thanks Megan! I was so blessed to get to know you! I had so much fun with you and Rosie and everyone when we'd hang out. We'll definitely have to catch up when I visit Prin... Don't know when I'll be able to make that happen yet, but I REALLY want to get out there! <3