Friday, July 8, 2011

Fight for it!

So, this will be me just venting basically, but I feel it does have some truth to it.  So I hope that I don't come off as too bitchy, because I'm in a mood right now.

I want to be fought for dammit!
All girls do!  Well I think everybody would actually, but I'm focusing on advice for guys specifically about women in this blog.  (the disclaimer is that everyone is individual and this is a generalization that does not apply to ALL women).

If you're fighting and a girl tells you to leave her alone, even if she means it, she at least wants you to try and fight for her love and affections.
She wants and needs to know that even if you're pissed at her you'll fight to be with her.  Don't just give up and say that you're respecting her wishes; that's just taking the lazy and easy way out.  I understand that in the end you will need to respect her wishes to be a lone, but we need to feel like you're not just going to give up.  It's that lack of passion that an be disconcerting and sometimes tell her that something is missing in your relationship.
Yes it's a bit backwards, but when we say leave us alone, you men take it too literal.  We're not trying to play a mind game, it's un-intentional, but that's just how we think.  If you want to make it right, then grab us and tell us!  Let us know by showing us that what we have together is worth fighting for!  Even if we don't want to hear anymore, you don't need words to show your affections.

I just want to know that there are people out there that think love is worth fighting for.  I could never give up on love because it is one of the things that makes life so beautiful!  Others have it, and so now I'm left wondering, why not me?  I know it's not my time... so may things are changing and happening in my life, but I miss the connection that comes from a relationship.  I'm working on being patient, I really am.. but being patient is hard! :P

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  1. Hey Jodi!
    I know you a little from Prin and through Sarah, and I first want to say that it's awesome that you have this blog to get your thoughts out.
    This post is a little worrying to me though, for a couple of reasons. I don't know what your personal situation is, or what the specifics of that encounter are, but it feels a little uncomfortable, and I wanted to say something.
    I know it feels good to have someone fight for us and to be desired. At the same time, it's important to think about how that plays out in a relationship. It's very romantic to have a man be able to read our minds and know what we mean, but what will it look like down the line when he thinks he knows better than us what we need and ignores the boundaries we set and even the literal words we say?
    It's easy to think about individual people, and think "I wish HE would fight for me," but it's impossible to be that selective. Saying we want men in general to fight for us is the same message going to that creepy guy following you off the bus or fighting for you and not listening when you say no.
    I wish you luck in your romantic endeavors, and I hope you find a man who is right for you!